Our Clients

Dream Dinners
Naf Naf Grill
Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls
HuHot Mongolian Grill
Long John Silver’s
McAlister’s Deli
Famous Dave’s
Moe’s Southwest Grill
Auntie Anne’s
Schlotzsky’s Bakery Cafe
Corner Bakery Cafe
Cousins Subs
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What our customers say

“Working with SpenDifference has helped us integrate smarter purchasing management. They’ve brought our food costs down, which has allowed us to keep our brand focused on value and quality across the menu. SpenDifference combines the buying power of all their clients, so we all get the best deal.”

Kerry Kramp
CEO Sizzler – USA

“In order to consolidate purchasing, I knew that I didn’t have the expertise or the resources internally. It was far easier to go out and hire smarter people than I am who had industry experience in the purchasing realm and the supply chain management function. That allows us as a company to focus on our guest, our growth and running great restaurants, and takes the people that are really good at supply chain management and puts them in the right place. It's been a great model and has worked really well so far.“

Jeff Martin
Chief Operating Officer – HuHot

“We were building our own collaborative supply chain, hiring our own people, but felt as we got in to it that the best thing to do would be to utilize a third party.”

Rich Kamph
SVP Global Supply Chain – Focus Brands

"We’re a growing restaurant group and SpenDifference provides us resources and expertise that are outside our wheelhouse. Again and again they roll up their sleeves and go to bat for us. And as part of a much larger team of restaurant brands, we benefit from the combined buying power of all the brands SpenDifference represents.”

Bryan Vicentini
Former President & COO – The Counter

“SpenDifference has been a true and powerful partner of Dream Dinners. They brought forth a solution that we had not had available to us previously. In the void of scale that most mid-size companies face in food procurement, SpenDifference crafted a solution with us that has led to leverage and substantial food cost reductions traditionally not available to a company our size. They are not an extension of our business; they are integral in our operations and part of the Dream Dinners family.”

Darin Leonard
Dream Dinners – CEO